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Pampa de Achala

Pampa de Achala

On 02/15, we had an excellent birding day. We left very early from Jesus Maria and arrived at 6.30 am to Pampa De Achala.

February 15, 2020

Since it was very cold the birds had not yet come out, so we took some mates until we started with the activity.

Being an area with low grasslands, stones and no trees, it is very easy to see the birds either flying or perching.

When we finished the survey, we went to Quebrada del Batán where the condors passed flying about 656 feet / 200 meters away.

At lunch time, we sat near a viewpoint and saw 3 condors just 5 meters away. An impressive and unforgettable show.

We had lunch around 1.30 pm and took the opportunity to take a little nap. Meanwhile, both photographers Ezequiel and Matías approached a man who raised a piece of meat so that we could appreciate a beautiful eagle coming to grab it at a great speed. I can't believe I missed it. I'll come back...

Las Altas cumbres is a walk that many miss out on enjoying in an effort to get to their destination as soon as possible. For those who know how to enjoy the road, this work of road engineering is a wonderful place.

The Pampa de Achala forms an ecosystem of height and regulates the flow of the streams and rivers of the Cordovan valleys, all the water that falls in the form of rain, hail, frost, snowfall and mist, is received by the vegetal mantle that works as a "sponge" and then by decantation it is food for dikes and lagoons that allow the different tourist and economic activities of the entire region to be carried out. The highest peaks reach 2,200 meters above sea level.

Excited to see more, we visited some close areas and then we headed towards our accommodations, eager to begin our birdwatching experience in Chancani the following day.



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